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I know I said I'd update on the other status but oh well.

We went and seen Addisyn this morning, and received some not so good news. Her blood cultures came back and showed she has E. coli in her blood stream. They also did a lumbar puncture, where they stick a needle into her spine to draw out spinal fluid, and they are testing that to check for meningitis in the fluid surrounding her brain. The results for that will be back in 24 to 48 hours.
Her urine this morning was als ... o so dark it was almost brown, and she wasn't producing much. She is currently on a ventilator, a morphine drip, has two IVs, and has a tube that goes down her throat into her stomach to pump out any bile or stomach acid her stomach makes. She currently has a nutrition drip as well to make sure her body is getting all of the nutrients it needs without having food in her belly. They are trying to keep anything from getting into her colon so that it can heal.
We went back to see her this afternoon, and her urine had gone from brown to light yellow and she was producing more, so that's one small victory. We were told that once the bile her stomach is making goes from the dark green color it currently is, to an almost clear color they will try to give her pedialyte through a feeding tube. Our main concern is the infection, and getting these results back from the lumbar puncture so the doctors further know how to treat her, as far as antibiotics go. Her doctor told us that on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worse, she is an 8 as far as how sick she is but that she is very strong and is fighting this. yellow cocktail dresses

We truly appreciate each and every single kind word and prayer that has been said, but due to the NICU having very strict rules in place, only immediate family is allowed to see her. We just wanted to let every one know that. Cody and I thank you all so much for every single prayer, thought, text, call, and message checking on our precious baby girl. # PrayersForAddisyn

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