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Statement regarding the "loud" absence of my bodaboda guy

So I've been receiving messages from some of you guys raising concern about the absence of my bodaboda guy in my stories these days. Well, things happened you guys...bad-horrific-things. *wipes tear*
You know for one to be able to efficiently ride on motorbikes you need to have the agility of a Chinese acrobat, something that my ancestors didn't bless me with.
So it was a bright normal day, got onto the motorbike as usual. Halfway through the journey, his phone rang. The phone was in his side pocket,( he never keeps it there).
Now you need to imagine this, this tiny kabambe phone was literally sandwiched between my gigantic thigh and his thigh. There was no space in between to even slide a piece of paper in.
Normally those athletic clients would have spread their legs at 180 degrees or stuck their leg high up in the air to give the boda guy free access to fish the phone out of his pocket but for my lazy ass that was impossible.
So guy forcefully jammed his hand between our thighs to try reach his phone but unfortunately his hand got stuck. He tried to wriggle a bit to get it free but we had reached a very sandy part of the road and there was no way he could control the bike with only one hand with me screaming in his ears.
So we bit the dust, yes we fell down hard on the sand.
Physically I was not hurt. But my ego was crushed, mutilated and all kinds of horrid things done to it.
You see that was the day I chose the wrong innerwear. It was the day I wore that panty that had been half chewed off by the rat that lives at the bachelor's house next door. During the fall my dress came up and the embarrassment was exposed.
A crowd had quickly gathered and I had to play dead coz there was no way I could walk away from that shame. I could just feel their laughter even in my "death". Even worse my boda had forgotten his own misery and was cackling like a witch, at one point even offering me his t-shirt to wrap it as a diaper. women evening gowns
Anyway, so I took a leave from work to hide until the image of those torn knickers fades from their brains. This will be a very long year for me.
Ps. I will not be answering any more questions regarding this matter. ? ?