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Okay. So I just started working at this salon a month ago after graduating school, and I've noticed alot of the girls who come in to get pedicures have white spots on their toenails. My owners and the other techs always tell the clients that their nail is drying out, usually due to keeping polish on too long. Sometimes we'll recommend not painting depending on how bad they are, and tell them to use cuticle oil or tea tree oil. If its just mild we'll say take your polish off a ... few days in advance before your next pedicure to let the toes breathe and oil them up. Alot of times when the nail is mostly consumed by the white spots they have some detaching going on. (If they dont yet, we tell them this is where they're headed if they don't take care of the dryness). I just want to know that this is not actually a fungus on alll of these girls and their nails are indeed just drying out??? Its literally 7/10 girls that come in who seem to have this problem. white first communion outfits for flower girl

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