wedding wears of linen fabric

.+.ATTENTION..+.. You Collect Babe Number You Use CHICK save The Number,Abeg She And Her Mama Na Fowl?. You Buy SUYA ur Woman Chop All The MEAT Finish,you Con Dey Dey Smile Dey Chop The Onions,Abeg U Be Vegetarian??. You Dey With Your Guy And You Dey Recieve Diffrent Kinds Of Phone Calls Every 5 Min.Yet You Dey Claim Say You No Dey Cheat On Ur Guy.My Sister,Abeg You Be MTN CUSTOMER Care Agent??. You Ask A Girl For What She Whats, She Tells You MONEY And U Are Angry.A ... beg Are U Expecting Her To Say WISDOM And UNDERSTANDING??. You Dey Carry Ur Girlfriend Go CLUB Before U Marry Her Finish,you Wan Stop Her From Going To CLUB.My Broda,you Think Say Miracl Fit Happen ?. Your Girlfriend DUMPS U For A Rich Man,you Say She Be Gold Digger,but Ur Sister Do The Same To Another Guy,u Give Testimony For Church Saying Na Grace Of God.Bros Park Well.. Your Babe Get F9 Parallel For WAEC,she Still Dey Ask For Brazillian Hair Of $150.000k.Abeg, Whe She Wan Fix Am On Top That Coconut Head??. wedding wears of linen fabric

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