wedding wearings With Lace Appliques

I didn't know Jason had taken this pic, but now that I've seen it I have to share this.

She's deaf. She doesn't know sign language. She's so small that no one ever has clothes that can fit her and all she had left was what she had on according to a friend. It took us 30-45 minutes of digging through stuff and striving to communicate, but we finally found one pair of jeans and one bra that would fit her. She was elated. Thank you to whoever sent that bra and those jeans. Than wedding wearings With Lace Appliques ... ks to The Russ Bus crew we were able to give her a new tent. She patted it, looked at me and said "home" with the biggest most beautiful smile. We shared a big hug and she disappeared into the shadows. I hope she slept a little better last night than the night before.

It's hard to describe having your heart shattered but overfilled with joy at the same time.

I don't have a singular point. But I guess one is just that homelessness is rarely what most people think it is.

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