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This was from a while back, but again --

Okay, here is me on the soap box:

I wonder sometimes about the gender double standard. At a pro football game, some years back, a woman came into the men's toilets while I was there (and many other guys) and said she just had to pee and the women's was packed, she bee-lined to a stall and did her "business". What occured to me at the time was how cool we all were with this -- she was no threat, and she was in the wrong place, but it seemed okay. wedding reception dress

Imagine a man doing that (yes, I know the women's is always more crowded than the men's, but just pretend) for innocent reasons, and the reaction. Would his behavior be seen as innocent, or would the police be called, this man labelled a sexual predator?

In the summer of 1981, I was just back in CA from Naval Officers School, looking smart in my Dress Whites, standing in a very long and empty corridor in the San Jose Courthouse, waiting to witness the second marriage of my mother.

A woman walking by veered sharply to her left, smiled at me and pinched my ass as she passed. I was stunned and (yes, because I am male) flattered and charmed. I said: "Mom, that woman just pinched my ass!" She replied: "You do look sharp!"

What if that had been my sister waiting for the wedding, looking fine in her dress blues (she was Airforce but absent that day) and a man walking by pinched her ass or touched a breast?

Would we be okay with that? Would my sister be charmed or flattered? Would this "touching man" get a pass or would he be labeled a sexual predator?

Do these situations speak to a gender-based double standard, or am I misssing something?

Would enjoy hearing from intelligent men and women on this!

That was my take -- what is yours?