wedding items prepared for courthouse

HON. Uba Okoh writes from Enugu:


As a regular viewer of the programmes of Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), I've observed with utmost dismay and repugnance, the repulsive make-up of one of the female newscasters.

The lady whose name I do not wish to mention here, features in a particular popular weekly programme which I have equally decided not to disclose here.

This apparent subterfuge is to avoid ease of identification and possible embarrassment which could also threaten her job.

Be that as it may, permit me to say most frankly, that this lady possesses all it takes to be admired on television. She is naturally endowed with tantalizing pulchritude.

Her diction and phonetics blended with a robust sense of humour, and delivered in a well modulated voice, combine to make her presentation a-must-watch.

The above professional skills coupled with her enviable mannerisms are inimitably scintillating and hypnotizing.

What's more, she anchors the news with such ease and confidence, thereby keeping the viewers glued to the station till the end of the programme.

Far from sounding unnecessarily hyperbolic and eulogistic, I wish to add that this quintessential multimedia journalist of international repute who parades a cornucopia of both national and international awards, is a great delight to watch on television, any day and any time.

But ... her recent choice of make-up which is nothing to write home about, has indeed messed up all the above sterling qualities, and diminished her erstwhile glamour and charisma to the lowest ebb, simply because of her unbridled penchant for ersatz facial looks.

Please do permit this little digression. Recently, I attended a high profile wedding reception in Enugu, the Coal-City State.

During the bridal procession, I was almost scared out of my wits, as I beheld the facial appearance of the bride whom I've known for many years, as the face was repulsively transformed to that of the famous "Adamma Masquerade."

Her eyes were so scary, that I started wondering whether I was at the right reception hall. Something invisible seemed to be pulling her upper eyelids upwards in a most freakish manner.

Out of curiosity, I drew the attention of a lady sitting beside me to my observation. She chuckled to herself and allayed my fears by reassuring me that what I was seeing was not an apparition, but false eyelashes.

To further boost confidence in me, she jocularly asked whether I had not beheld such a spectacle before, to which I answered in the negative.

Now this obnoxious experience is being replicated during a particular network programme on NTA by this particular presenter.

The very first day I set my eyes on this lady on the screen with those terrifying weird eyes, I spontaneously turned away my eyes, and would have equally turned off the television, but for the fact that my family members were already engrossed in this programme.

My question is, why should the authorities of the NTA turn blind eye to this irresponsible and provocative costume which tend to frighten the viewers?

Suffice it to say that NTA parades a good number of exquisite presenters/newscasters who dress responsibly with moderate make-ups which of course are permissible.

In order to avoid sounding sycophantic here, I will not mention their names here, just as I've deliberately withheld the name of the culprit being discussed.

Having said this, I wish to appeal to the management of this highly reputable national media outfit, to call this young lady to order.

But peradventure she remains recalcitrant and appears again on the screen with such a reckless make-up which offends the sensibilities of the honourable viewers of this station, I will not hesitate to disclose her name in my subsequent write-up, which of course must be punctuated with uncomplimentary remarks which she might not find palatable. To be forewarned is to be forearmed! wedding items prepared for courthouse