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While I hate to upset people and definitely don't want to cause anyone to panic, I am genuinely concerned about our nation's complacency on a couple of separate but related issues. My intent is to prompt individual action to protect you and your families. Firstly, the North Korea threat is very real. The missile launch this morning was much more serious than the previous launches, and no one knows how much longer this game is going to play out. I do believe that Trump is 100% serious in not allowing them to threaten the US with nuclear weapons. Despite the fact that DPRK has the ability to strike most of our country with an ICBM, this is actually the least of my worries. If Puerto Rico is any indicator of what we could possibly expect (a large portion is still without electricity), we should be very concerned about attacks on our critical infrastructure. Because our country is so dependent on the Internet and electricity, I am shocked at how little discussion is taking place regarding our vulnerability to cyber threats (hacking) and to a lesser extent, EMP attack. North Korea's army of hackers is considered among the best in the world. Our infrastructure (electricity, water, gas, phone, Internet, financial, etc.) are all woefully vulnerable to cyber attack. If the recent massive data thefts of some of our biggest companies (Uber, Experian, Target, Anthem, LinkedIn, etc. are not concerning enough, imagine what would happen if we were under active attack in an act of war. Not to mention that they've already recently stolen joint S. Korean/US war plans. Imagine that electricity, gas, and water for an entire major city shut off unexpectedly. We would be fine for a couple of days, but mass panic would soon set in. Intense gridlock would make it impossible to escape, especially as people clog the roads after running out of gas. You can't call anyone because cell phones are out. Of course no checking the Internet for help, and no way to coordinate any kind of relief. Some people 'may' still have access to radio that 'might' work. Very soon, looting will begin taking place on a massive scale and will eventually turn violent as people resort to anything to provide for their families. Empty grocery stores mean that you would soon be dependent upon what you happen to have in your pantry. Depending on how long it takes to have water brought in (it would likely need to be airlifted in depending on gridlock), people will start dying from dehydration within a week. Depending on how long it takes for the government to provide relief (assuming that the government has the resources available to provide relief on that scale), starvation and disease will follow as the society eventually starts to break down. A strategic EMP attack would be even more devastating as it would destroy nearly all electronics within range (including our ability to manufacture more). And no driving for anyone, unless it is an older pre-electric vehicle with a large supply of gas. Many experts estimate that a well-placed EMP attack could potentially result in up to 90% of the US population dying from thirst, starvation, and disease within a year. If we stage an attack on North Korea, you can be certain that North Korea will retaliate in kind. And they don't play by the rules. wedding guest dresses for spring

On a second front, we are vulnerable in a similar way to the threat of the 'Big One'. Scientists have been raising the alarm that we are overdue for a seriously big earthquake. The large earthquake swarms that we've been experiencing here in California MAY indicate that we are close. While I doubt it would cause as much devastation as mentioned above, we should prepare for the worst.

The point of all of this is to ensure you are prepared for the worst. Of all water will be the most critical, followed by food. The government recommends 3 days worth, but I feel it would be wise to have much more. Fill up some large water bottles.
Get some MREs or other emergency food that will last in storage. First aid kit. Water filters. I'll post some links in the comments. Please contemplate what it would mean to lose access to running water, electricity, and empty grocery stores and prepare accordingly. Now more than ever.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and please feel free to share if you are so inclined.