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This is so important and so misunderstood. There is a HUGE difference between morning sickness and hyperemesis gravidarum. MS is uncomfortable but somewhat treatable; it often occurs only during certain parts of the day. HG is constant and is physically, mentally, and emotionally debilitating, and the typical MS remedies do nothing to help (while unfortunately the "hard stuff" beyond Diclectin comes with its own risks).

Imagine the worst hangover coupled with the worst bout ... of food poisoning of your life - that NEVER. GETS. BETTER. (Okay, it eventually improves but not for months or sometimes even the entire pregnancy). Think about how these ongoing physical symptoms would soon trigger a spiral into depression where nothing beyond getting through the next hour matters. Then imagine well-meaning friends and family advising you to eat saltines or drink ginger tea. It's like trying to wake someone from a coma with a tap on the shoulder. wedding dresses for women over 40

Education on this condition is the first step, along with better support programs and treatment/comfort options for sufferers.

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