toddler wears for flower girl


Many children (man)of God are carelessly and hopelessly foolish that's why you live below God's standard
You were given a crown of soul winning,you took it away because of your carelessness. Those you are to lead to Christ you lead to devil,destroying souls already converted to christ shame on you,does one goes back to his vomit, what you preach against is what you are master in practical, in other side you appear a Christian but devilish in nature toddler wears for flower girl
When you preach people think they have seen a man of God to deliver them, but close to you ,you teach them all immortality in the world and keep them in bondage of darkness
Are you an agent of darkness or agent of light
Is devil using you without your notice
You are an enemy of the cross
When you are careless,devil is careful to destroy you
You cannot be in darkness and conquer darkness
Come to light and be different from darkness (worldly life) then you reign with christ,salvation is found in him alone
see you in His(God's) presence
"Eze c.j Christian