suitable wearing in homecoming season which below 100

Day 18/21 complete (weights and abs). Is it weird that I had my best workout all week today with a hurt heel? I really wanted to get a good burn so I made sure I pushed as hard as I physically could for every move I could do that didn't affect my heel. Plus, I was so laser focused on that goal I didn't even pet the cat... much. The whole time all I thought was, "easy on the heel, easy on the heel," and suddenly I was doing a full push-up balancing on round dumbbells before it occurred to me that I always do push-ups on my knees. suitable wearing in homecoming season which below 100

I love this stuff. I'm always working on my brain, because that's the difference between my now and the body, health, and life I've always wanted.

Does anyone have any suggestions for heel pain? When I extend my leg/hamstring fully I feel this sharp, pinching, stinging sensation. I'm making a doctor's appointment tomorrow but if you've been through anything similar I would love to hear your thoughts.

I'm so thankful that our programs have a built-in modifier. In all the videos I watch, there's a person doing a less-challenging version of the move (less impact, a shortened range of motion, etc). I followed the modifier for most of the moves today and I am SO SORE. But I miss burpees. WHO AM I?

I'm setting up my August group in the next couple of days, btw... If you're interested in this program or one of the other 40+ we have, let me know! We're going back to basics this month, getting good, balanced habits in place before Oktoberfest comes out. Just kidding. Except I'm not. Let me know!