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1. Sabbath Service:
9.30AM 19th of Aug 2017
@ Salvation Army, Boroko

2. Dress Code: MODEST

3. Prayer & Torah Service

4. Introduction class to :
=> Torah
=> Davening (Praying)
=> Hebrew
=> Judaism
=> Biblical Festivals
=> Biblical Kosher
=> Aliyah
=> Tanakh Tour
=> Help Yourself

5. Requirements:
i. Come with 4G smart phone (if you can) with lots of memory space & battery power for Sabbath use & some data, simple lace wedding dresses
ii. Pen & note book
iii. External data storage device (if you can)

6. Fast and/or Pray every Weds for Monotheism in Papua New Guinea.

7. .....keep checking for updates.....

Every journey starts with one step. YAH willing, may this be 'that' first step...

Baruch YAH forever :-) :-) :-)