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The woman who thought a cute dress could get her a child please read learn and share.

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Praise God brethrens.One day there was this woman who wanted to have a child.So she went to church and prayed everyday so God could bless her with one. So the man of God heard her pray and called her and told her have faith God will give you a child.So he told her that please go home and come back the following morning when your wearing a very clean white dress but make sure you reach here when its still clean.So the lady went home very hopefully and slept happily.Morning came and she did what the Pastor told her to do.She wore a beautiful white dress and started her journey to church.On her way to church it started raining so she had to take shelter in a unknown abandoned house.When she entered she found two very dirty children who had no where to stay.The children were so happy that they decided to run to meet and touch her.The little girl spread out her little cute arms so that she could carry her.The lady just yelled at them and told them 'Stay back and don't touch me you dirty filthy animals.Not long it stopped raining and she was on her way to church.When she reached church the man of God was sad and told her 'Woman you will never have children until you die'. The lady asked why and this is what the man told her, God sent you a test of two little angels to see whether you have love for them and those angels were the ones who had your blessings but you pushed them away so you chased away your blessings.Coming with a clean dress makes no sense when you don't have a pure heart for children. You would have rather come with a dirty dress but when its filled with marks of dirty children's fingers thus giving you a pure heart. The lady cried and asked for a second chance but it was gone.What do we learn from this lesson, many of us are like this woman, we expect miracles but we ignore doing good just because we feel that others don't deserve to be treated well,some don't practice what they preach, some think that blessings come from people who are appear to be pure and yet they are not, Some things spear dirty but hold the blessings of what you need, a poor husband could make a good one but just because he doesn't have money you look for a rich one then you blame God when things don't go right,a street and homeless child can hold a blessing to a breakthrough to a problem that you might be having in your home but just because your selfish to give you can't see it.Some of us go through hardships and just because God delays to answer us we make mistakes just because we couldn't hold on long enough.We need to fight bad with good because Good is the strongest weapon to evil. This lady was smart and when she saw dirty children she couldn't afford to dirten herself just to carry dirty children meaning she had no pure heart.Have a pure heart that's what counts, practice what you preach and welcome children with open arms no matter what state they are because these children hold your blessings.Thankyou for reading and please like and share. we need sponsors and donors for our children. If you are out there please we need your help. We need bibles toys books and more. God bless you all and hey please like and share our post so they can reach out to many.Bless all those that have shared and Remember a smile of a child is a blessing from God.Please inbox and let's share. For those in the state we have an administrator there who can help you deliver your donations just incase you feel like donating.Please share. short red cocktail dress