royal purple bridesmaid dresses

It was breakfast time at the Smiths' house. Linda turned to her husband Frank with an irritated look and said: "I bet you don't remember what today is!"

"Of course I remember!" declared Frank, and hastily left for work.

When he reached his office, he immediately went to his best friend's office and shouted: "Mark, you have to help me - I think it's my wife's birthday today and I completely forgot about it!"


Mark calmed him down and stated that he should send his wife several gifts throughout the day. "That way there is no way she'll realize you just remembered. Besides, pick the right gifts and you'll have a very happy woman on your hands..."

Frank immediately goes and does exactly that, sending his wife a beautiful dress, her favorite perfume and even some sexy lingerie, each delivered to the house every few hours.

When evening came, Frank returned to the house beaming with pride, and met his wife standing with a huge smile on her face. "First the beautiful dress, then the perfume I like so much, and then even some sexy lingerie! You really surprised me my love!" royal purple bridesmaid dresses

"Think nothing on it my love, happy-"

"I never thought I'd wear such beautiful clothes to pick my mother up from the airport!"

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