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Mummy question:

I had a c-section two years ago and while getting the epidural the anesthesiologist hit a nerve in my back. When she did this it made my leg kick and she told me to hold still. I told her it wasn't me then she didn't say much to me after that. I had severe numbness after my c-section on my left side from the top of my butt to about mid thigh. My ob-gyn said to give it time,that the feelimg would come back. So here I am two years later with the numbness still t ... here. She sent me to see a neurologist and a urologist because I have a hard time holding my bladder because of the numbness. They are not even considering the numbness to be a reason why I can't hold my bladder. Every time I mention my numbness they say "oh that's from your stomach laying on your leg when you were pregnant, or because you have a slight tear in a disc in your back " ( I never hurt my back) I think they are trying to blame it on somethim g that its not because they know they messed up while doing my c-section. Has anyone else has this kind of numbness? What did you do? red color wears for a prom look sexy

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