prom apparels With Keyhole cut out

Dear Wasp cis het men. If you haven't already, please denounce what is happening. Most of their people I see posting against it are at least one adjective short of the above list and it would reassure us to see more of you speaking out against this. Because frankly those assholes don't give a fuck what we think and they are assuming you are with them just as much as I as assuming you are with us and it would be great to have evidence that they are as right about that as they are everything else. prom apparels With Keyhole cut out

As a cis het wasp who is one X chromosome away from being invited to this privilege party I want to tell my friends who are the targets of this hate parade I love you and I hate what is happening.

They Might Be Giants: Your Racist Friend *Studio Version & Lyrics* Since I couldn't find the studio version on Youtube, I decided to post one. It's from the Album: Flood. It's a great album, I own it. X3 **LYRICS** This is