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SWEET SIXTEEN. My mum found this picture of me when I was 16 ...31 years ago. My dad advised her not to show it to me incase it upset me. He said that out of love, I know he did. But the comment got me more than the photo... because it means I am shockingly different now...he will never see this so ...But what actually made me sad was the memory of how I spent my childhood and teenage years believing I was overweight when I was just normal. Just that in those days 70's and 80's ... everyone else was skinny. I wasted years of worry...over nothing. THAT makes me sad. I told my mum I'd like to look like that now and I wonder how long it would take...she said I should aim for a couple of dress sizes down but perhaps this was too far ... well...never say never! Xx petite wedding guest dresses