petite dresses for wedding

Who'd ever thought it'd be my day one
Can't nobody tell me shit about my day one
Seen some shit that get you murked if you say some
It hurt to kill a nigga you love
And I know that she addicted to drugs
That's why she giving it up
Gang members and dealers was who she hang with
Me and all my niggas was on that same shit
Fuck it, we was even fucking on the same bitch
But we ain't never have no problems that was gang shit petite dresses for wedding
All the promises we made 'bout how we can't switch
I just wanted to be rich instead of famous
I was trapping with the niggas that I stayed with
Feds watching, we was ducking them cases
Black hoodie, just to cover my face up
Niggas be bitches, they switch up and try to make up