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Been putting in some time on the @LuLaRoe_ClaireTurner # LLR # rollingboutique this week. This is the early stages and it's still pretty rough around the edges, but here's some # DIY progress photos...

1. Current status first. View from the ramp door entrance.
2. With the cold weather, I had to bring in a heater and put up the pop-up tent to keep from tracking snow in.
3. HUGE thanks to Claire's dad for painting the interior while I was out of town. The floor and ramp door are slate grey and the walls are mint. You can see we've still been storing some stuff inside. Anybody need a free mattress or a cheap desk?
4. The blue tape marks the hinges of the to-be-constructed storage bench which will contain the spare and jack, as well as the 2nd battery, charging isolator, inverter, and power outlets.
You can see one of the LED light banks which actually light the clothing and space beautifully when mounted overhead, but not when they're leaning against the wall.
5. Looking in the side door (shop exit) at the newly mounted mirror (which will be inside the corner dressing room) and the rails I cut to support the clothing racks.
6. Getting the supports vertical was a small challenge--as you can see from the way the metal hang bars are tilted, the trailer isn't exactly level. I spent an entire evening doing all this precise measuring and math to get them plumb, and then I realized if I had moved the trailer to flat ground, I could have just used a level. online sale maternity evening party wears
7. I neglected to compensate for the 4" drop on each of the closet bar hangers when estimating the height of the racks, which means that we'll have to rethink how to fit the clothes on the double rack section.
8. The leggings rack is mounted at eye level, but easily removable if Claire wants to use it free-standing. We made this last year by hinging together a couple of garage sale crib rails. It actually ended up being an elegant solution, so we've stuck with it.

Now, I have tomorrow to install lighting and set up the dressing room curtain. Claire will be using it for the first time at a pop-up sale in Taos, NM!
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