off the shoulder bridesmaid dress

This earthy green and beige teething necklace will make a great addition to mommy's accessories while helping to soothe baby while baby wearing or just cuddling on the couch. Come and take a look at my shop for other options! FREE shipping within Canada!

Silicone Necklace | sensory beads | Chew Beads | Teething Beads | chewlry Necklace | Teething necklace | Modern Necklace | Ready to Ship This silicone teething necklace is both fashionable and will be loved by both baby and mom. Your baby can safely chew the smooth beads on this chew bead teething necklace to relieve their sore gums. Your baby will also love the fun colours & different shapes so it will help soothe them during off the shoulder bridesmaid dress