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Hi I am new on here. I was diagnosed with CAD on my right side about 3 months ago. Signs something was wrong first showed with a swollen, droopy eye. In the middle of the night I had severe, throbbing head pain, eye pressure and pain that radiated down my neck. I can handle pain pretty well, i had 2 natural child births, but this pain made me throw up.

I went to the e.r. Where they did two cat scans, one with dye. They then sent me to a hospital with better testing equipment, ... I was astounded to see myself in the ICU. I had no idea This was so severe. They checked every hr. For signs of stroke, ran an MRI and an angiogram. In the end, they said I should heal on my own. I was told to take an aspirin a day and no heavy lifting, but jogging should be okay. I am an athlete and usually run 5-6 days a week. At the time of the dissection I was also taking body pump and abs and core classes. I think lifting heavy sandbag type weight above my head in abs class is what injured me. But I'll never know for sure.

The first month, I had light headaches in the morning. For the last two months, I have been feeling good with no headaches and only eye drops for my eye and aspirin every day. I jog about 4 days a week, but that's my only work out. No more gym classes.

Well...that brings me to my jog this morning. Afterward finishing my 4 miles, I sat for a bit, but when I got up my heart started doing a weird double-beat thing and I got super light headed. I sat down and tried to calm my hear with slowed deep breathing. Then, After two minutes of my heart beating crazy, there were two loud whooshing thump sounds in my rt. ear, and as soon as that happened i was back to normal. I am going to call my dr. But was wondering if this has happened to anyone else? I am wondering and nervous that they could have been small clots. not expensive prom party wears in black

I have the whooshing tinnitus throughout the day and almost every evening, but nothing like what happened this morning. I'll post what the dr.says later.

It's been so helpful reading some of your posts. I don't feel so alone in this.


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