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Bra I'm so over people pulling the poor me card on Facebook. It's so sad that people cannot accept the FACT that, you are the only reason that you are where you are at in life. If that makes sense lol. But Foreal, I see people blaming people for actions they take, blaming for being the way they are, for their habits. C'mon take accountability for your actions. You put your self in the predicaments ur in. Man up, pick your ass off the ground, dust your ass off,get back on that ... horse and break that bad habit. I'm no better than no one. I'm far from perfect but I take full responsibility for my actions. I am where I am because I chose to walk down a path that lead me here. And yeah I admit I knew exactly where that path would lead me. Yes, I am not afraid to say I fucked up, now I'm a felon with time over my head but I can't blame no one. Yes I am a addict to meth and I am in recovery. I put my self here. I'm learning that the first step is stop feeling sorry for your self and admit you are the problem. I am so grateful to have people in my life that tell me mother of the groom dresses for summer outdoor wedding # straightthefahkup and not sugar coat it. For my brother's and sisters out there suffering from addiction, wether it be meth or heroin. I know how you feel, I know the struggle trust me. but Stop pulling the poor me card. Fck that. Man up bra!!!come kick it with me in treatment. I promise you life will take a mental turn for the better. And everything will be alright or you can continue going all left lmao Chee hoo love you guys. Just wanted to share my mana'o

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