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I want to tell you what's wrong with FB. Well one of the many things anyway. I am seeing people adding others just for torment/bullying. I am seeing people adding others to troll their accounts. I have seen some add just to make their business look like their doing really well (PR). It's a great mechanism for communication but please try keeping it real. No one wants to hear you brag as they may not be as fortunate. No one wants to hear story after story about moms, da ... ds, siblings, cousins, grandparents, grandchildren and etc. for theirs may be gone and they miss them terribly. I've seen people do this after they have been unfriended and then they even go to the point of making those post "public" which tells me my observation is correct. I am not in the game of hurting people and I find it ludicrous that there are so many people that get kicks out of that. Treat others as you want to be treated. I however find that the exception is when you are sent indecent photos (block them immediately) - God's Eye :) I've thought about deleting FB but I haven't because I do have some awesome friends on here. The thing is do not rely on FB for your pick me ups on our bad days when in reality they're kicking you down. Take a walk observe nature, cook your favorite food, take in a inspiring movie, wash your car, whatever makes you feel better about yourself. Do that rather than sitting on the computer pouring over braggers that do not care about the fact there is a stopping point with some of their post. Statistics have shown that FB raises the depression levels for many and some have actually taken their lives because they wish for a better life. My mother always taught me to be careful who you hurt. FB is not the best mechanism for social interaction by no means. It is not a substitute for real human interaction. Ladies if you want that recipe you saw go online get it printed and then sign out. I know many of you feel what I'm saying. Blessings and never forget you are loved. mother of the bride beach dresses :) <3 God's love - Amen

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