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If any of you turds care, i did the no shave November thing this year. This photo is my progress and as you can see my mustache game is weak but my scumstash game is strong. I don't know if it looks more like i kiss my cousins or if i abduct small children, but it's something.
Anyways all bad tasteless not funny jokes aside, this year i did this for a reason. At my job i worked with a guy named Ray and he was a pretty cool dude. He also had pretty severe cancer and had been going to chemotherapy treatments and missing a bunch of work because of everything going on with him. I figured that looking like a scumbag for a couple of weeks or so would be a nice way to show i hate cancer and will do whatever to raise cancer awareness.
The last time i worked with Ray was the last Saturday in October, where he was feeling so ill they sent him home, and i told him "hey man feel better" and dapped him up. Unfortunately Ray never did get to feeling better and got way worse way fast. I saw him a couple of weeks later and he was in a walker and looked frail and miserable, but he still smiled when i said "hey man nice to see you." Before you couldn't tell he was a cancer patient but that day it was more than apparent and it broke my heart.
I really hoped Ray would pull through and get a little more time on this earth with his family and loved ones. Everyone at work did. Unfortunately Ray passed away on the 24th of this month and reminded everyone that bad things happen to good people.

I don't want anyone to say "sorry for your loss" or any of that cliche nonsense because to be honest i barely knew the guy and only got to work with him for a couple of weeks. What i would like for anyone to do is anything to help someone with cancer. Don't shave in November, wear pink in October, donate bone marrow, help someone get to and from appointments or even taking them out to coffee or something. We've all probably seen cancer effect someone in our lives and it truly is a horrible disease. Giving a shit isn't hard or expensive my friends and happy shaving maxi dresses for weddings