maid of honor wears in red color that won't cost much

Very good read for all of my friends sending their New Freshman off to College. Or even for all parents! Don't take 1 moment, 1 day, 1 game, 1 recital for granted because it won't last forever. Enjoy every minute you have with your children, one day in the blink of an eye they will be off adulting all on their own and you don't want to look back and not have the memory of their big game, or the smile on their face after a big hit, game winning shot or walk off HR all because you were to busy with someone or something else. The yard, housework and other people will be there when you get home, make time for "Your" kids. I am NOT perfect by all means, and neither are my kids, but my kids will Always come first in my life, heck they come before me! They are my life, God trusted me with their lives, he put their lives in my hands, and I will be damned if I let them down!! maid of honor wears in red color that won't cost much Dalton , Kensie I know I Always say this, it's our thing. It I mean every word every time, I LOVE YOU MORE! More than anything, more than anyone! I am sorry for the times I was not the mom you needed me to be, I always try to do better, be the mom you deserve, because in my eyes, You 2 deserve the world!! Dalton, I am so Excited to see how you tackle this next stage of your life, I have no doubt that you are going to do Amazing things! Remember you will Always be my son, I will Always be here for you day or night, Always!! Kensie, we have 3 good years ahead of us! Promise me you'll keep me busy running to practices, games, movies, shopping!! I won't take one second for granted, I love every minute of my life with you 2, even the disagreements! LOVE YOU MORE!!