maid of honor wearings backtracking to 1920


Yes, I realize this. NO, have I needed this drug.

Yes, I have friends using this and families using this for kids as a "solution."

A so called solution for ADHD. Anxiety.

Yes there is research in ADHD. There is research how kids are over diagnosed with this because our medical profession uses a "simple way" out to control attention deficits disorders.

Families have lost children to suicide because real issue hasn't been addressed. Signs ignored. Or not recognized. Parents told from healthcare professionals "this behavior is normal."

This drug is an addiction.

People use it to study longer, college students over use this prescribed drug. They sell it to other students to study "better."

Moms use it for energy after new borns.

Young adults abuse it for use of staying up later to "party."

Yes, I know this is touchy subject. Yes, SOME MAY benefit from it short term.

But are all benefiting?

Or is it abused too much?

How many over use and abuse because they haven't been given tools or help to deal with every day stress and anxiety?

Again, touchy subject. I know this and realize it.

Have I needed this prescription? NO

Would i use it !? NO

Everyone comes from different walks of life, different up bringing.

What do you say for the kids that are accused of not paying attention in school when they really aren't being challenged in school because teachers don't have the opportunity to challenge them and therefore think they just simply cant sit still.

Is it a teacher problem? HELL NO!

Is it a medical professional problem for over prescribing? Yea maybe. Most cases are proving yes.

How many healthcare professionals are forcing people, kids and parents to deal with this in other ways? Teaching other ways to deal with stress, anxiety?


This post can be used for open discussion. But please think before posting.

Has our society changed so much we can't find or use other solutions aside from medications?

I am pretty sure humans survived without medications in this case in past.

Have expectations changed forcing medications to be the main source to deal?

Has nutrition, and other health issues contributed to brain changes resulting in medication as main treatment to this disorder?

Check the research.

Has it been our societal expectations causing this? Kids and adults not knowing how to deal with situations of stress and unfocused. Again, varying opinions and facts.

But what about the abuse? What about dealing with addiction of this drug?

Let's talk about the people that weren't diagnosed as children but use this drug in college or for "going out "

How do we handle that? How do we get healthcare professionals to actually deal with prescriptions in those cases?

How freely our our healthcare professionals prescribing when someone walks in their office and says " i have trouble concentrating and staying focused."

BOOM, prescription written for 30 days, yet refilled for months or years.

Did they force these people to even TRY counseling or other non medication treatment?

What about those trying to wean from this drug?

What about the people that try and report withdrawl symptoms but yet no medical help ?

What about the research and reports that this drug provides same effects as COCAINE?

Do you prescribed to people that have used cocaine as a way to detox and wean off cocaine?

What about cocaine and alcoholics that use the drug to intensify those drugs?

YES, it is documented that happens and that is the same effect. Can you really refute the physiological effects of the drug adderral and those other drugs, the similarities?

Can you justify that?

What are your thoughts?

Our bodies have fought and survived against these "prescription diagnoses for decades." We are NOT discussing vaccinations that have helped the human race. We are discussing these mental diagnoses, behavioral diagnoses that now need "medication" supposedly to deal with this health issues. maid of honor wearings backtracking to 1920

We are looking at diagnoses that are from emotional and mental changes and challenges. From economy or society changes? Not sure? Or are the from how healthcare is choosing to "handle" these behavior changes?"

Again, I know this is touchy subject and why it is open to share stories and feedback and thoughts and research.

Because no matter what, this is an over prescribed and addictive DRUG.

Adderall: Why The Study Drug Is Both Overprescribed And Underestimated "If you don't stop giving my son Adderall, you're going to kill him."