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Daughters... How well do you know your MOM?
Here's my mom: Juanita Boyd Lopez

1. She is sitting in front of the TV, what is she watching? News (cnn and local), family feud ( not so much now)

2. what dressing does she eat on her salad? She eat salad? Ha ha ha

3. Name something she hates? This list long. Lol most recent is when the dog from upstairs pee on the varandah

4. What does she like to drink? Kubuli, coffee and caribbean gold

5. Favorite music to listen to? I know she likes to sing blue bayou lol. She is a love fm girl. Lol

6. What is her nickname for you? None. Maybe Fluffy? Lol.. Usually just Mish

7. What is something she collects? Nada

8. What would she eat every day if she could? I feel shame but I dont know.. Lol. She barely eats. Coffee maybe?

9. What is her favorite color? Ma, we need to talk. Lol

10. What would she never wear? Nothing that will show her parts

11. What is her favorite sports team? None

12. What is something that you do that she wishes you didn't? I'm stubborn and dont like to listen til I feel

13. You bake her a cake what is it? She isnt into much sweets so caramel cake

14. Favorite animal? None.. Pebbles lucky she is where she is lol

15. What could she spend all day doing? Work..Just kidding... Toss between playing games on her tablet and drinking

16. Who is her favorite child? None. She handles all of us .. But I believe its Devin. Lol

17. What's her favorite sweet? She no into these but she did had me searching brighton for paper sweets. Lol

18. How many brothers & sisters does she have? All of Ms. Babsie picni (grew up together); biologically - 3 sis and 3 brothers gypsy wedding dresses

19. Favorite alcoholic drink? Caribbean gold

20. You're in jail & you call her, what's her response? She wont bail my ass out. Lol

Tag your momma to see how many you missed.