green evening party selections

On August 12th a "rally" of klansmen and Neo-Nazis is scheduled to take place in Charlottesville Virginia. It is expected to be the largest gathering of klansmen, Neo-Nazis and other trump supporters in over 10 years! It will have men not only dressed in white sheets and brown shirts but people dressed in business suits. They will be carrying Bibles and loaded assault rifles and other armament. green evening party selections
Why are these traitors to the Constitution and the rule of law, these heretics who worship a false Christ that is promoted by the so called evangelicals and other cult leaders who are "pastors" of mega Baptist and independent "churches" allowed to do this?
Well even they have the protection of the First Amendment though it can be argued that protection does not extend to their right to incite violence but mainly because the Tea Party Republicans, who belong to the party of the Anti-Christ, and their chief lackey, the orange headed Mussolini and chief shitegibbon, promote this hate and racism.
It is time for the national churches to get off their cowardly assess and forget the politically correct mantras of refusal to condemn and call these people and their organised hate and their leader and his party what they are in no uncertain terms!!!!