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I've been a working mum and a mum who stays at home and I was asked what's harder?

My answer is both.

Every day you are being your best self for someone else, whether it's your boss or your colleagues or your children.


When you work you are judged. Judged for using childcare, judged for letting someone else "raise your kids"... you are told you're missing the best years of their life. You walk through the door or you pick them up from care or school and you give them biggest hugs possible because you're missing them like absolute crazy.
And then you're plagued with guilt.
But from the hours of 5pm
To 9am, you're still a mum, you're washing dishes, doing washing, parenting, baths, school lunches, all of that. It never stops.

When you are a stay at home mum, you're judged. People ask you what you do all day, they look at you like you have no ambition, that you're lazy. People will say to you, don't you want to be a role model for your kids? As if being an amazing mother isn't enough.
You are often isolated, lonely, and even though the company of your beautiful children is amazing, it's also stressful, and then should you wish for a break, or want one, you're plagued by guilt.

There's no sick days for both... because when you're home you can't call in sick, and If you're home you're expected to keep your kids home too.

So in conclusion? A mothers job is hard. It is hard. It's beautiful and rewarding, it is, it's amazing to watch humans grow up that you have nurtured, loved and cared for. Never doubt for a second that you aren't doing a wonderful job, whether you've got a 9-5 or your days are filled with home duties, either way you're workin it mumma, and you're doing a darn good job. greek styled items to wear of the prom

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