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Traveling Xenos

Dino Xenos operated three chiropractic clinics in the greater metropolitan area. He never visited any of them. They simply provided an income. Dino paid his accountants and attorneys on a retainer. He paid the location managers a salary, and he paid the technicians according to production. Dino Xenos spent every sunny day playing tennis in his backyard or swimming laps in his private pool. When it rained, he read his mail.
His wife, Zelda Xenos, didn't work either. Though she had when they first married. Before becoming the pain management tycoons of the tri-county area, Dino and Zelda ran an ambulatory weight-loss / pain-management insurance scam. They drove around to various low-exposure shopping malls and dealt drugs out of a recreational-vehicle. Zelda was receptionist and nurse. Dino played doctor.
Unlike most motorhomes, the side entrance of this R.V. led directly into a waiting room. There was a desk, and there was divan. There were three magazines and a fake fern. The usual kitchen appliances had been stripped out and replaced with a simple stainless steel cabinet and counter. There upon sat jars of Q-tips and boxes of cotton balls and bottles of rubbing alcohol and iodine. None of these items were ever used, but they were dusted regularly. floral wedding dresses
The driver's section was partitioned off with a surgical-green curtain, as was the dispensary. In this rear room of the unit was where Dino's brief and all too inextensive examinations took place. The only furniture in the back room were a scale, a blood pressure pump, and a cabinet full of opiates and anti-depressants.
The flooring, the ceiling, and the inside walls were the same golf-course, dollar-bill green as the curtains and the logo along the outsides of the office / camper. Dino and Zelda always dressed in matching green surgical scrubs. Dr. Xenos even wore a stethoscope. The typical patient could be finished with the entire procedure within ten minutes time, portal-to-portal.
After four years and numerous indictments, the traveling Xenos had saved enough money to pay off all their outstanding fines and court fees. They bought-out a crooked chiropractor who was retiring due to bankruptcy, and within two years the Xenos were thickly liquid, as well as finally legitimate.
On the couple's tenth wedding anniversary celebration in Lake Tahoe, Dino won two-hundred and eighty-six thousand dollars at the baccarat table, and Zelda conceived their first child in between rounds of closed-circuit Keno.