evening items to wear of the sexy pattern

The drip above me dropped slowly the way
it was meant to be&i opened my eyes to see
Miriam smiling @ me,her bump was really
big now&she was surely due for delivery in
a month(so i thought)
"Hey Mama!"i whispered
"Gosh!I thought i lost you"she said as she
took my hand in hers&squeezed it
"Which hospital is this?"i asked
"It doesn't really matter now,let me call the
doctor"she said trying to stand up but i held
her back,i tried to raise myself but felt pains
"What really happened to me?"i asked
"You were in coma for a week,you had
internal bleeding&some pressure points in
your body were affected"she replied
"Where is Effiong?"i asked
"At home"she replied
"How about Jude?"i asked again
"He is dead"she replied
"Damn!"i exclaimed "I should be given a
medal for being flawless"i spoke out loud.
After Miriam left the doctor came&did some
irritating things around me&sometimes i felt
like punching him.Effiong&co visited me
daily with flowers&cards as well as a pastor
who preached during my 2wks stay in the
hospital.When i was discharged i called Philo
to bring home my sisters&also threw a
party to honour late Frankie
Stones&celebrate our victory.
That sunday in the worship hall i sat ears
wide open far 4rm Miriam,that was the 1st
time i attended a church service since i
killed pastor.
"Christ is the way out in life.....he takes away
our burdens and gives us rest.....God sees
everything we do&when we're cheated he
surely take vengance for us....."the pastor
preached&his word hit me hard,i've spent
most of my life on vengance and now i felt
"Is the anybody who is willing to give his
life to Christ?Step forward&confess
Christ&you'll be baptised"the pastor said&to evening items to wear of the sexy pattern
the amazement of all my peeps i stood
up&walked towards the pulpit,i was about
to fulfill what Efia tried hard to see me
do.Just as i stood b4 the crowd a gun went
off&a bullet struck my chest&down i went
crashing&the church was in chaos
"He must not give his life to Christ,he must
pay his debt"an unknown guy
shouted&fired 2 shots into the ceiling of the
building,in response Effiong brot out an
Uzi&wasted him b4 he rushed over to
where Vincent laid lifeless
"C'mon tell me this is not happening"Miriam
said amid tears as she shook the supposed
lifeless body
"Calm down Miriam"Shade chipped in
"No,my dad just gave his consent for us to
get married,i'm with his baby&can't afford
to loss hime"she said weeping
"Where did the bullet hit him?"Effiong asked
rolling the body over as church members
came back to peep
"I don't know"Gabriel replied
"Stand up you pussy!"Effiong exclaimed
hitting my head,"He has a bullet proof on"he
said after examining my body.I opened my
eyes slowly in pretext&jumped up to startle
"You won't expect me to come out here
with no protection when Buccaneers&Sabe
rs walke the street"i said,turning to Miriam i
kissed her
"We're getting married soon"i whispered
into her ear&later that same day i gave my
old life away as i was baptised.
2wks Later
I stood on shore&gentle breeze brushed my
face,not far 4rm me was the survivors of
my gang chatting&lauging happily on the
white beach.
"Look how far we've come"Miriam said as
she joined me
"Yea,we made it,i really had to get you out
of that state"i replied
"What do you intend to do now?"she asked
"I'll start up a business"i replied.In the
evening we settled into a bar where i paid
off my gang,Effiong inherited my gang
with five million naira 4rm the loot while
others got five hundred thousand for their
trouble.A table was set for me&miriam but a
strange lady joined us
"Sorry this table is for 2"i said
"I'm making it 3"she replied taking off her
"What?Shania!"i exclaimed
"You shocked?I was wise enough to let my
sister inlaw start the igniton cos i knew
what my husband was up to,now he is
gone&i have all the money i need,you are
free to marry her&i'm glad someone like
you was once in my life"she said wiping off
tears,i hugged her for a brief moment b4
we parted
"How about our son?"i asked
"Keep him,i'm leaving to start a new life"she
said&exited as Miriam came close to the
4yrs Later
I stood in a wide sitting room putting on a
3qtr camouflage short with a white tank on
"Honey won't you take your breakfast?"Miri
am asked 4rm the dining
"No,i'm late,Shade will be here anytime 4rm
now&i must qo with her to the station"i
replied.I now own a private security
company with Shade pitching tent with me,i
had to make a report that morning @ the
police station
"Where would you love to spend your
holiday?"i asked Miriam as she came in,a
fultime nurse
"Home,i would love to go home where we
belong years back"she said as she stretched
to kiss me b4 i leave for work
"Daddy!Daddy!Daddy!"my kids came
jumping on me,Miriam gave births to 2girls
that had her resemblance more than mine
but were beast in anger,more volatile than
Shade joined me in the car with Ekarika jnr
@ the back seat,a full grown boy but still
had those flames in his eyes,he took after
me in character but after Shania in
"Shade take the wheels,lets pay Shirley a
visit,she is now a commissioner thanks to
us years back"i said
Fear led Vincent to what he did not expect
The love he had for a girl made him wild
Love brought Fear,Fear brought war
Learn a Lesson while you can,Fear&Love
ruin some&make some
This is no Copy&Paste story
Still holding up an option for a 3rd part