bridal shower gowns

It has taken me all year to figure out what 30 day challenges I want to do, but I'm 6 different directions of inspired tonight and I've figured out two of them.

October - Cold showers. A whole month of cold showers. I won't even allow myself any spa nights with a Lush bath bomb. I am totally one of those psychos that will boil my skin off in the shower for an hour, and then sometimes fall asleep standing up because I love that heat so much. I don't even like showering in warm ... water - it has to be HOT. However, cold showers supposedly have a bunch of health benefits and I'm curious enough to try this out and see if anything changes.

November - No social media. For me, that's just Facebook and Instagram. I don't mean not posting, but literally not logging in at all. I just feel like a mental reset in the near future could prove beneficial. Like the cold showers, I'm mostly just curious to see any changes this may bring on. Facebook is totally my main form of communication, but I'm not really sure anymore what my days would be like without it. bridal shower gowns

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