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Wrong Part 1.

Mr. Westphal gathered his papers together in one pile. You'd swear they were boulders and he worked in a quarry and had to do his work by hand, rather than pushing papers as a college psyche professor. A small tuft of disheveled darkly brown hair, fell apart from his short perfectly wavy but kempt style, to look tiresomely out of place in the middle of his forehead as he stared at his tormentor. He was a handsome man. Toned, young. Skin stone polished marble smooth and clear, meant to show case some of the most beautiful wide brown eyes ever manufactured. He was only 28, nearly fresh out of college. The type to run and run and make it look not only easy, but graceful. Certainly not the type to be all sweaty and exhausted, just from teaching one graduate level psyche class. "Miss Sarah Winters" he turned a slouching body, tired and somewhat vexed, her direction. "Could I speak with you a moment"? It wasn't really a question. It was a demand. But he also wasn't the type to be a executioner in his strength, but rather the type to save all the animals. bridal gowns with bows

Miss Sarah had put on quite the show that day. And although she was only, just turned a rebellious 18 years old, it was completely out of character for her to act up. Let alone have all the young boys rolling with laughter at her attempt to roast their teacher over everything. Still, she obeyed.

Dr. Gary Westphal circled to the front of his desk and took a casual stance, using the regal item as his chair. He would have been surprised that she even listened, but her rowdy behavior that day was in so opposition to her normal shy self, that he wasn't sure that she hadn't just been challenged to do so. "Was this a hazing ritual you had to perform"? He shook his own head 'no' already in answer to his own question. "It's awful late in the school year for that, and if it weren't for your falling grades, I would say this Had To be a joke. Or did someone dare you to throw your grades off a cliff"?

Softly small black eyes barely peered up to meet his. Then back down again. He couldn't help but soften himself to look at her. Her hair looked like spun locks of silken obsidian. Her skin, white milk with a hint of Hershey's chocolate. She looked like a doll. If he hadn't known any better, he would have sworn she was just a little girl. At least in his book, it was hard to be angry with any child. Yet even tho this young girl wasn't a child, it was STILL hard not to want to treat her with the tenderness and gentle exception a child would deserve.

Still, a man painted stiff with not only intelligence but authority, reached to a manila envelope to his side on his desk and above legs that were still casually crossed, he opened it. "This is your fourth year in college, yet you're already at the end of getting your Masters. This was your last year and by your pattern, I would guess, next? Your doctorate"? He looked so tall in self assurance as he set the folder back down. "What's going on"? The stern teacher look switched to something much more gentle and understanding.

The small girl looked up again, eyeing his crossed now swinging legs and hands placed at either side of him, dress sleeves rolled up, looking so open, warm, inviting. Lips that resembled rose petals in more than just the color tried to move, but then went still.

"Look". I realize you're really young. You've accomplished a LOT in your short years". The pristine looking doctor of psychology glanced again at the file that had turned out to be hers. "You started college at 14. That's quite impressive".

She could see his eyes study her even from her bowed head. She could even see those long thick lashes that framed them in their precious stone like melted chocolate beauty. But how could she explain anything to him? She wasn't just wise beyond her years intellectually. She knew too much about unspoken norms too. It wasn't socially acceptable to talk about things like this. Sarah wasn't sure if it was the slight movement of his eyes away from her or the just as small hint of frustration that she felt from him more. But one thing was sure. It didn't last long. Nothing bad from him ever did. In fact, she wondered if the warm environment, which was him, could even cultivate something negative at all. His head ducked down more to her level. Another move that wouldn't be missed.

"I'm not just a teacher. I care". Daintily masculine fingers reached to lift her chin.

"Hhhhuh"!! The young student jumped back. Startled by the unexpected move.

"Ok okay". Two refined arms went up in surrender. "It's alright". Slowly his arms returned to their side posts as the silent inquisition went deeper without an extra word for only a moment. But she felt like she was on display. "One of two things. . ." He volunteered a free diagnosis. Either someone has hurt your a great deal or you've been left without love for an extremely cruel duration of time".

The young genius shivered. How could she be so strong; So self resilient and powerful in all the knowledge she possessed; and still collapse at the mere mention of slightest sentence built on nurturing and care? She could tell he looked at her like a child. So many people did. Yet she hadn't been a child since before she was born. Perhaps part of her yearend to be though still. All she wanted to do was run to his arms. Cry in his arms. Spill all.

Sensing that she was uncomfortable with speaking, the young gentleman went on having absolutely no idea of what he was doing. "You're quite the outstanding young lady. You know that, don't you"?

Still just silence under a bowed head. He half expected the grudge girl to pop to life right in front of his very eyes in his very own class room. "Something happened. Something big. You were a straight A student. You're almost done. Now, you hardly make it to class".


"Please trust me. Think of me as your friend instead of your teacher. I want to help this child prodigy regain her directive and go forth to invent New inventions that SAVE the world!! You Are a science major, aren't you"? The elegant nicely dressed man took a break from his theatrical display. "Engineering"? That's what you're going for? Inventions"? The kind teacher thoughtfully looked around before continuing. "You're being Forced to take my class". This one was more of a statement than a question.

"Not forced"! The young sprite suddenly popped to life. "I wa--". Cutting herself off she thought it better for her not to continue.

"It SPEAKS!! I was Beginning to think the girl standing in front of me and the delightful little pucks that invaded my class earlier where Not One in the same creature"!

"I. . . I'm. . . I'm sorry. I don't know why I did that".