bridal gowns for wide shoulders

Oh brother, looking at the DVR there is another season of Project Runway, I guess it premiered last night, and the DVR captured it. So I am watching the auditions, and there is this one kid, Aaron, long hair, lives in Brooklyn, is a virgin, is wearing a dress, and I'm like, wait a minute I met him this spring right before I went back east for my cousin's wedding and to see Nana. I met him and his friend bridal gowns for wide shoulders Kelvin James Stallings I mean, how many other long haired, virgins named Aaron from Brooklyn, who wear dresses and carry a Hello Kitty wallet could there be? Okay, stupid question, there actually could be a lot. So I just texted him, "Project Runway,?? Shut up you little trickster." Immediately he texts back, "OMG. Haha! Yeah. its wild."
So I promised him i wouldn't ask for any spoilers, but now after every show, I will be texting him. How funny. Aaron and Kelvin, You little tricksters.

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