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The effects of social media on relationships.

Social media and technology combined,are slowly becoming the number one cause of problems and argument in relationships nowadays which isn't appropriate at all.
Below are few effects of social media on relationships and the possible solutions.

1. Public display of affection (online); It's quite common for one person in a relationship,to feel annoyed over the lack of social media posts by his or her partner. Example; When u notice that John,the guy who never posts anything, wrote a status about his beautiful girlfriend. Your quick to build resentment about your non-public display of affection boyfriend. Jealousy creeps in and you see asking questions like "why don't you post pictures of me anymore" coming out of your mouth. JuneBridals homecoming wears with affordable price

2. Social media Detective; I heard someone say relationships were a lot simpler without social media, which is so true. Sometimes, things are meant to be private. Seeing your current partners past through social media isn't helpful. In fact,it can be hurtful. You might come across the time he posted a picture of his ex,where the caption reads " she's my everything ". That isn't gonna be kind to your heart,so put away that trash and leave the past in the past.

3. Seeing before hearing; Ah ha! Have you ever gotten into an argument with your lover because he/she didn't answer your text but you saw him/her liking posts on Facebook?. You see where your partner is before he or she tells you. This can feel odd and a bit unsettling.

4. Public vs private; Not every couple is on the same wavelength,when it comes to how much they want the world to know about their relationship. One partner might want to scream his/her love on a rooftop,or better still on social media. While the other wants this to remain private. This conflict can arise in many couples, so it's wisdom to have a conversation on it. How public or private do you want your relationship to be?

5. The fine line; Social media gives you the chance to walk a fine line between friendly, flirty and downright shady. An innocent " hello" from an old friend can easily turn into that friend asking you to " catch up" ,then to inviting you to other things... Yes it happens! So,it's important you know how to walk this line and maintain appropriate boundaries.

6. Snooping; We've all been there,looking up on our boyfriend's newly added friends on Facebook, or checking who liked our girlfriend's profike picture. But remember the old saying "seek and ye shall find". You can find anything on social media, that make you upset even if it's truly not a big deal. When snooping takes over,it shows a bigger issue at hand -Insecurity

Possible Solutions To This Effect

1. Accept your partner as a friend; By that I mean add your partner on any social media platform that you are. He should be your best friend. If not,your with the wrong person.

2. Share some messages; Discuss or forward messages with exes or from people flirting with you. It must be the original version; no edits allowed.

3. Don't snoop; It feeds paranoias. If you have reasons to believe your partner is dishonest, it's wisdom to confront him rather than snooping.

4. Communicate daily; Get real, get virtual. Let your heart, mind and voice have some real face time with the one you love.

In conclusion, learn to keep your relationship private but not secret