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Let's talk about this 8th amendment that you're all ignoring. (I see you scrolling past those posts!)

The 8th Amendment in Ireland means that pregnant people who become ill cannot receive treatment because it might compromise the fetus. Even if the mother will die and subsequently, the fetus too, there's no option to save the mothers life first. Sepsis, (Savita), Cancer, Mental illness, you name it, no exceptions.

It means that when labouring, your doctor might decide a pro ... cedure becomes necessary (even if there's no prior indicators and they've just met you 4 minutes ago) they can perform that procedure WITHOUT your consent and there's nothing you can do about it.

It means that women who are pregnant with much loved and wanted pregnancies and find themselves in a devastating position where their baby is incompatible with life, she is forced to continue that pregnancy for an additional 16+ weeks and labour and birth a child. Without accounting for her mental and emotional trauma this family will endure every time a stranger stops to say " JuneBridals budget-saving homecoming wear that is below 50 CONGRATULATIONS !"... A solution would be the option to induce labour and birth her baby and begin the grieving process. This is called a late termination.

It means that women who are raped and obtain medical abortion pills on the internet can face a longer prison sentence than the rapist.

It means that I can be force fed, kept alive when clinically dead, if I am pregnant so that the fetus can survive, even if it's against my family's wishes.

Repealing the 8th will not automatically make abortion in Ireland legal. It's won't even make abortion available. It will however, give us just a little bit more autonomy over our bodies when we become pregnant.

Love the women in your life.
Repeal the 8th.

# Repealthe8th

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