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It has been said that I am letting my current employer work me to hard. Today, I really felt it, after working almost 65 hours in 5 days, I was exhausted and irritable and I even snapped at a very dear Italian friend who has been nothing but sweet, and kind, and loving to me ever since we met. Thing is, my resume is shot...literally to hell...and I need some longevity if I am ever going to land something stable and profitable when I move to Phoenix. Also, the opportunity to run my current store and soon become their area trainer, that will look pretty good on my Resume. But is that all my life has become, making a resume look good. What do I have to reward myself for it? Yes, I am working on the Insurance deal, but that is a business that will take time to build, and until it is off and running I need to make sure I have something stable to bring in the money to pay my bills, rent, and debt. June Bridals wedding collections With removable cap sleeves

This week I have given a lot of thought on things I miss in my life. Tonight, after I get done with this message I plan to call my parents and my boy (if he is free) and visit with my family over the phone or through FaceTime. As wonderful as this will be, I'm so tired of only being able to see my family through a computer screen.

I moved to North Carolina for wrong reasons and really out of selfish pride and there is not a day that goes buy that don't wish I could go back in time and tell myself, STOP!!!

Still, I have made some dear friends here and sure I will miss them, but they're friends I never see. Recently, I rarely hear from anyone unless I reach out...which is fine, I'm not complaining or placing blame. I know people have lives. I'm not mad or upset, I'm just... Lonely.

Family is so important, but then I never really hear from my family much either unless I reach out to them. Sometimes I do wonder, is anyone out there really thinking about me? Do I ever cross someone's mind?

I know my Italian girl does, and I adore her for that but... she's all the way over there...in Italy. I'm still here, alone, no family, no one to visit with, lonely... and it's taking it's toll.

I have really screwed myself out of a life. Funny thing is, my Mother tried to warn me about the path I was on, many times. I just didn't listen, thought I know what I was doing. How wrong I was, I knew nothing. Now I am very scared that I will wind up old and lonely with no one to love me when I will need it most and that terrifies me.

People, cherish your family and friends. Be with each other and don't let petty arguments or disagreements stand between you and your loved ones. Trust, nothing is worth the loneliness you will end up with. Listen to you parents, they know better and they are only trying to look out for you. When you think about that one person you love who you haven't heard from, reach out to them, let them know you care. You never know just how much light a simple word from you will light the darkness they feel they are trapped inside of.

This Holiday Season, just love each other...It's truly the one gift you can never give to much of to anyone.