June Bridals items to wear from china of the wedding

First off, thank you so damn much to Ellen and Pure Joy Catering for setting up last nights bar buyout. I've never had a shift that was more fun with Kayla than this one. I knew it was a wedding after party, what I didn't know was that it was a gay British wedding. Here's a few highlights from the night June Bridals items to wear from china of the wedding

- the dancing never stopped from the moment they came in, till the moment 2 am rolled around
- the music they brought was awesome, had the whole place dancing, including us b ... ehind the bar.
- At some point, someone started stripping on one of the booth tables and it turned into a show. Also, it just seemed like it was bound to happen.
- those of you that know Don know that if he steps foot on a dance floor, your not getting him back. I guess the silver lining is every time we needed something we knew where to find him.
- the one American at the party drank whiskey and coke, EVERYBODY else drank all the Gin and all the Vodka.
- everyone came in dressed like they stepped off the cover of GQ and Maxim, then left with only half the stuff they came in with on.

Jason and Jack, I hope you two the best and also another visit back to SB because that was one hell of a good time. Also, girls with a British accent...never gets old, even if it's just water they want.
" Ello love, can I get a glass of woatah"

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