June Bridals 1920s vintage inspired garment for cocktail party

So went to Wal-Mart yesterday and got talked into a full and pneumonia shot ( by the pharmacist) I so should have listened to Steven Young and not got it .I had a alergic reaction and the Urgency Care nurse's assistant with out no tests and not x-rays says from 6 feet across the room, says oh some times your muscle gets sore when you get a shot and just have to have time to have it heal and I told her immediately when it happened as soon as I got the injection . I got ... tingling in the back of the head I couldn't focus like I was there but my head wasn't haha what's new and and I lost range of motion in my hand and my arm, so then she says (mind you she's not even a doctor ) that oh they damaged a nerve but as long as I don't have diabetes I should heal ,I looked at her and said I do have diabetes she just says oh and tells me she's going get my paper work together so I can leave .. so in other words it was a big waste of my time and gas. ( I'm in so much pain I'd rather be giving birth .in feel like passing out. I am in so much pain i want to pass out.) NEVER EVER AGAIN only reason why i posted this is if this has happened to me who else could it happen too? June Bridals 1920s vintage inspired garment for cocktail party

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