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Luna is a stunning, 11 week old Siberian Husky.

Our absolutely beautiful girl is looking for a home, with previous Arctic experience. Husky's are a very specific breed with some common traits that make them a dog not suited to every home or lifestyle.


The ideal home for Luna will be one where she will be allowed inside when you are home, they need to be around their people. Alone and bored, Husky's can become destructive and very vocal.

I know you are all going to fall in love with me but there are a few important things you should know:
- I am an inside dog who is toilet trained
- I am only a baby who is slowly learning manners
- I will need lots of obedience training and time to learn my boundaries
- If you yell at me I will go into my shell and give you the silent treatment
- I MUST be kept occupied and not left alone for long period of time
- I don't know if I like cats
- I am a tornado after I have had a nap.
- I don't like to be pulled and moved when I am sleeping, please let me rest where I choose.

Luna will only go to a home with people willing to dedicate themselves to continued obedience training. Husky's are a dog often seen abandoned or dumped in pounds as they get into their "teenage years" when they become too much for people who have not bothered attending any training classes. Flower Girl Dresses 2020

Once Luna is old enough, regular exercise will also be key to keeping her happy. We are rehoming family members, not 'just a dog', so if you just want to adopt Luna because she is gorgeous, then she is not the right dog for you.

Husky's are also known to 'explore' when they are improperly stimulated, so require a secure yard.
If you think you have a suitable home for young Luna, please email [email protected]
Luna has been:
Vet checked
Microchipped 956000005705404
Parvovirus tested
Wormed and flea treatment given

This dog comes with two free behavioural training vouchers.

WEB www.petshaven.org.au

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