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To dress in art...

When a long piece of cloth is worn around the neck and made to rest under the shirt collar with a knot at the throat, then we have the necktie . While the British,Welsh and Irish prefer to call it a necktie, it is 'schlips' for the German ,and 'halsduk' for the Swedish. The 'cravate' in French means the same about which Oscar Wilde said ' a well-tied tie is the first serious step in life'

The history of neckwear is a colourful one because ,while some trace ... its origin to the Roman era when soldiers wore them as part of their uniform, the Croatians make a claim of being the 'mother country of necktie'. They support their assertion with the story of how the fashionable Parisians in mid seventeen century ,took an immense liking to the trendy coloured scarves worn by a group of Croatian mercenaries who had travelled to Paris to support King Louis XIII. Apparently, the French nobility soon after started wearing neck scarves 'a la croate', which led to the birth of the cravat, or necktie !!
Neckties are generally unsized and has many variants, but the modern version , the Ascots and the bow ties owe their direct lineage to the cravat. The Ascot ties worn in earlier times by men at formal dinners ,had wide flaps that were pinned to the chest, while the bow ties are smarter and gives an abridged version look. As ties gained popularity and became an important accessory to men's dressing, it not only started looking bold and beautiful but a lot of importance was given to the manner in which the cloth was made to hold itself around the neck. Tying the knot became a knotty affair and while some opted for the Windsor or half-Windsor knot, there were a few who went for the Pratt or the Atlantic style chosen from the many that had appeared on the scene.

Whether the knots are big or bulbous or lean and tight, the love affair of the French with neckties that started four centuries ago, is still alive and very strong . It has become so much a part of the dress code of the Parisian society ,that even the young president of the country who has shaken French politics,dare not breach this unspoken rule. The chief of state, an ex banker , has not only invested quite a bit of his energy in tying his ties smartly ,but has made a promise to himself to never step out of Elysee Palace without tying his neckcloth ! Macron's weakness for 'tying a little noose around the neck' came to the fore when he was seen playing tennis sans vest but with a necktie hanging round his neck !!! - a case of necktie 'strangling clear thinking' ???! College Graduation Dresses 2020

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